Parent Talk Show Archives

Click on the links to listen to the recordings of the Parent Talk radio show. The show ran for about a year on Radio Zindagi (1550 AM in the SF Bay Area) and was sponsored by the India Community Center. I had a wonderful time hosting the show and spoke with some amazing guests who were experts in their fields. The response was uniformly great, though listeners hesitated to call in because the issues we talked about were sensitive and often touched a nerve. Some day I hope the South Asian community will be more comfortable about sharing their imperfections and realizing that we all live lives filled with struggle, conflict and confusion, and it is living our difficult lives bravely that makes us special and human.

Addiction   Art   Back to School    Body Image   Bullying   Career Counselling

Cheating   College Admissions   College Stress   Conflicting Parenting Styles   Dance   Discipline  

Divorce   Early Intervention   Eating Right at College  Empty Nesters   Independent Living Skills

Kids and Money   Mental Health   Mindful Parenting  Money Matters   Mother Tongue   Pets

Post-partum Depression   Praise and Criticism   Sibling Rivalry   Single Parenting

Sleep Disorders   Special Needs   Speech Therapy   Talking to Your Kids   Teenagers

Working Moms   Yoga   Young Authors








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