Your good name?

There are over 60 million blogs today.( Add 3 more by time you finish reading this sentence.) That may seem a lot but there are also 6.6 billion people in the world. And while a few dozen Raj Gupta’s and Amit Varma’s can peacefully coexist in the real world, alas, the internet is not so forgiving.

Think of the insane number of hours spent by people trying to get a unique, hip, cool name for their blog. First you come up with a half a dozen witty ones in as many hours. The rosy glow of achievement quickly evaporates as Go Daddy holds up a stop sign. Fine, you say and go back to the mental gymnastics. Perhaps this time the names are not so elementary, even dipping into the vernacular idiom. What! someone is cybersquatting on ‘I am like that only’ and ‘just because’ too?

Finally, the brain cells snap and spew out gibberish – Kaboodle, kadoodle, zabira, zathura. For the humble home blogger with no marketing muscle, an unrecognizable domain name is as good as the 500 page novel scrawled in pencil hiding under the mattress. The blog gurus have spoken- if you want your blog to be found, the name should be relevant. And so, after hours of labour is born

I calculate that I spent at least 50 hours on this singularly unproductive task till I stumbled into the fact that nobody had registered my name so far. I suspect I have earned the sound and round curses of many Vidya Pradhans to come. What if I hadn’t been so lucky? I might have been stuck in a never-ending loop of creativity and disppointment.

So here is my suggestion – let’s just follow a system with alphanumeric codes assigned like license plates. So once in a while a small transposition in the digits could take you to Osama instead of Obama -hey – it might just broaden your horizons. Just think of the hours and hours of saved time that could be used -blogging.

(In case you’re seriously thinking about going digital-better hurry and are already taken. )

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