Dem. Debate of 23rd July – I liked Joe Biden

Joe Biden has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Democratic primaries, let alone the Presidency and he knows it. How else can one explain the straight talk, the innovative ideas and the fearlessness while debating?

I don’t agree with the Delaware senator on every issue, and I have a real problem with his views on partial birth abortions but he has a pretty radical idea on Iraq that is not held by any of the other candidates, Republican or Democrat. He proposes breaking Iraq up into sectarian zones, possibly even creating 3 countries. Before you dismiss it as impractical whimsy, think of how much more responsive the people of Iraq would be to a President who at leasts understands how deep the divisions go.

In yesterday’s debate 2 other comments of Biden’s stood out –

– When asked about the conflict between his current stance on No Child Left Behind and his previous vote to approve it, he said clearly that he made a mistake and explained his reasons for making it at the time.

– When the crazy guy referred to his sub machine gun as his baby and asked what the candidates would do to protect it, the Senator looked aghast and said the guy needed help. Most Democrats pussy foot around the issue of gun control because of the fear of the NRA lobby, so anybody who gets an F from the NRA is ok by me.

Hmm..a straight shooting, no nonsense Democrat. Who would have thunk?

Found an interesting website called On The Issues that lays down how the different candidates voted on various issues throughout their political career..may be a good way to whittle down your choices.

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