An unfair advantage

Notwithstanding what the spin doctors of each campaign have to say, there is a general consensus among the media that Hillary Clinton has appeared to lead the discussion in every debate so far. There is also an impression that the other candidates defer to her or look to her while framing their answers.

Let me suggest a possible explanation that has nothing to do with the fact that she is intelligent, articulate and extremely poised in public. Or, that as the front-runner, she is usually placed in the center. I think Hillary has an unfair sartorial advantage. In every debate, she wears  light, bright, silk jackets that by their very texture and color, draw attention. In a sea of blacks, blues and dark browns, she stands out like a lighthouse.

I pity her poor male opponents. Imagine if one of them showed up in a white suit, a la Elvis( or Jeetendra!). They have no choice but to be the dull backdrop to her gleaming presence.

After all, if you had a black canvas with a red dot in the middle, what would you look at?

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