Hillary vs. Obama – Experience vs. innocence?

In an article titled ‘Innocence and experience’, the Economist falls for the groupthink perpetuated by mainstream media.

The worst democratic moment for Barack Obama in the Democratic candidates’ debate ..followed a slightly offbeat question. If elected, wondered a questioner, would candidates commit to meeting with the leaders of Iran, Syria…without preconditions and within one year.

Here is the video of his reply – followed by Ms. Clinton’s rebuttal –

The Economist continues –

It was perhaps unfair to imply that Mr. Obama wants to skip off for a kaffee klatsch with Hugo Chavez…but it did make him look a bit naive. The point went to Mrs. Clinton..

Before you cast judgment on the naivete of Mr. Obama, just ask yourself – what would your reaction have been if Hillary had been asked the question first and Barack Obama had replied to her comment.(assuming the answers were exactly the same)

There’s a lot to be said for having the last word.

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