Voice of India Shocker!

One of the most accomplished voices in VOI, Toshi, got eliminated today. No one can deny his talent, but his showmanship could be off-putting at times. But the real reason I think we had such a strange result is what I call the 'Reality Show Syndrome' – which is that viewers, instead of simply voting for the performance they like best, try to game the system by voting for the people who have performed poorly before and ignore the favorites. "Prosperity destabilizes itself" says Robert Samuelson in the latest issue of Newsweek, talking about the boom-bust cycle in economics and this could well apply to the sympathy/complacency factor that is the undoing of many a talented singer, as years of American Idol have clearly demonstrated. 

One piece of info I wish they would reveal is the break-up between internet and phone votes and regional impact. Even if people did not naturally gravitate to singers from their state, the judges keep making sure they remind the voters of the participant's hometowns. Pretty irresponsible, if you ask me.

Of course, unintentional comedy( or maybe bathos) was provided by the judges as they rivaled the contestants in bursting into tears as Toshi's loss was declared. I wonder, whose exit would they have been ok with? Or is the high level of drama written into the script? The hapless Toshi was promptly adopted by one of the judges, as his surrogate friend/nephew/son, in an escalating burst of emotion.

To one accustomed to Simon Cowell's acerbic detachment over the last half a dozen years, the sight of grown men and women crying bitter tears was a source of squirming embarrassment. Or maybe this is the way we Indians are – loud, opinionated and weepy. Well, can't blame anybody but ourselves for the melodrama in our movies – after all, art just imitates life, doesn't it? 🙂

Oh by the way, one thing I learned from VOI is that people do say things like "Main Ganga Ma ki saugandh khakar kehta hoon ki…" in real life! I am never questioning the credibility of a a Bollywood B-movie again.

16 thoughts on “Voice of India Shocker!

  1. Varun

    Sign petition to bring Toshi back

    If you want him back into competition,please sign the petition and Forward to all your friends who like Toshi.

    Toshi from Star Voice of India has been voted out this week by mere 25 votes. He was one of best singers in the competition. Every judge was unanimous that he is the best.
    Sometimes in public voting, Instead of voting for strong performers, people usually vote a lot more to save contestants from getting voted out. They think that someone is going to vote for strong performer anyway.

    If you think that Toshi is good singer and should be brought back into the competition, Please sign this petition. Together, we would submit this petition to Star TV and bring Toshi back. In case you feel like voting about him, please spend five minutes now and vote for this great singer by signing this petition. Every signature counts!

    Please forward to other people who like Toshi and may have missed voting for him.


  2. shaivali

    toshi is the best singer he should not be elminated,give him the chance we are loosing one of the best singer
    who can take nusrat fateh ali`s place


  3. shakir

    Mr.Gajendra has veyo power to bring back Toshi as soon as possible.Toshi has got aech and every thing in his talent.He has proved himself that I can sing any type of songs in comparison to other contestants.(from Abu Dhabi)


  4. Dildar Quraishi

    Hi,for all Judges & Director

    Its very sad for all people who beleive on Star Plus entertainement program VOICE of india.Its shamefull for all Judges.those people didn’t do something for toshi back to star plus program.Because He is the Man who deserved for Voice of india.there is no one to compare with tushi.he is the coplete siger for whole world


  5. sajid yar khan afridi

    I am a pakistani and have been watching this program for the last 3 months, wish to say that every voice is lovely and melodic. I am of the opinion that at least 2 females and 2 males singers should be selected as the VOI. I love the voice of Abhilasha and Irfan. Abhilasha should be the VOI, I give her 10 out of 10. Please covey my message to this lovely and innocent face and voice as well, that I love her voice and her also. thanks and regards.


  6. sajid yar khan afridi

    As a matter of fact and from justice view point, what I am feeling now after viewing VOI program, that some kind of politics is being played and parties are formed, favouring their choice to bring singers forward. I would rather suggest the judges and janta that these voices are now in the semifinal and require a very careful listening before giving their decision. Everyone should keep one point in mind that performimg live on stage with so many viewers with jugdes watching so closely, is never easy than getting recorded their songs in studio, as these singers are not yet professional. My heart and mind says that every singer is fantastic and confident. The remaining contestants should be given opportunities in upcoming films, they all shall be proved to be the best for india. Thanks



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