Emergency Disaster Supply List

California is a state where various large-scale natural disasters occur: Earthquake, Fires, Floods, etc. The Fremont Fire Department admits they do not have the resources and manpower to serve the entire community at once, so they encourage all Fremont residents to store enough disaster supplies for their own families to survive without outside help for at least 72 hours.

Keep emergency supplies at home and also some in your car, especially water.

Water = minimum 1 gallon per person per day for at least 3 days (Distilled Water Recommended = because it has no microorganisms which produce algae)

Food = enough to last your family at least 1 week, Low salt canned foods recommended

Can Opener

Bleach = 1 gallon to purify domestic water supply

Sanitation supplies = plastic bags to line toilets, toilet paper, personal wipes

Hygiene supplies = soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, feminine hygiene products

Flashlights with extra batteries

Portable Radio with extra batteries

Fire Extinguisher = rating = 3A: 40 B-C

Prescription Medicines and Eyeglasses Heavy clothes, boots, shoes, socks

Crescent Wrench to shut off natural gas

Water shutoff tool to shut off water to house

Shovel, Rope, Camp Stove, and extra fuel

Camping Supplies = Tent, sleeping bags, lantern

Cooking and eating utensils, paper plates and cups

Plastic garbage bags and smaller ziploc bags

Waterproof matches Food and water for pets

Money = in small bills, quarters for pay phones

Phone numbers for Out-of-State contacts or family members

First Aid Kit, Scissors, Tweezers, Needles for splinters, 4 X 4 inch gauze pads, 10 to 20, to cover wounds Kling or roller bandages, 4 rolls.

Sanitary napkins to control excessive bleeding, 2 to 4 pads

1 and 2 inch adhesive tape to secure bandages

1 box of Band-aids

2 ice packs

1 quart of clean water to wash wounds

1 bottle of antiseptic solution

2 triangular bandages to secure broken arm, or wrap as splints (can use old sheets)

1 Ace bandage

Pain relief tablets to reduce pain and swelling

1 space blanket

1 CPR pocket mask, with CPR instructions

Latex or Vinyl gloves

Helpful websites: Federal Emergency Management Association = FEMA = www.fema.gov American Red Cross = www.bayarea-redcross.org 1-888-686-3600 Bay Area Chapter California Office of Emergency Services = www.oes.ca.gov Pacific Gas and Electric = P. G. & E. = www.pge.com/safety

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