Sadhguru answers readers' queries -1

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has very graciously agreed to answer questions from WNI readers on spirituality and life. Send your queries to WNI via our feedback form. 

1.  Living in the US, one of the things we fear is that something will happen to our loved ones while we are far away, unable to help them. How do we cope with this?
Let us not waste our time and life worrying about things that we cannot do, let us see what can be done.  We can reach out to them emotionally, which should not be difficult w/ today’s communication capabilities or you can reach out financially, if that is what is needed.  Going there personally may not solve any issue as such, so it is best to reach out to them in whatever way possible.   And for yourself learn to be meditative, which would be a great contribution to yourself and all life around you.
2. What is the ideal relationship between a parent and his or her child?  

The most important thing is to stop being a parent and rather be a good friend.   A child who is growing up, whose body and psyche is changing rapidly is constantly looking for a friend who is just of a little more capability and understanding than his own.  Be a friend to him and also seek his friendship for your own well being.

2 thoughts on “Sadhguru answers readers' queries -1

  1. G.S.Ganguly

    Guruji ,
    I desperately want to be initiated to Isha Yoga and be your humble desciple I entreat upon you to please grant me my above mentioned desires. I am a senior citizen and I live in kolkata.Is there any person in kolkata who can help me in this matter?
    with pranams,



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