Presidential Candidates' position on issues- Immigration

By Rohini Mohan 

With all the hype over the presidential primaries, WNI will run a series of articles in January to highlight the stand of the frontrunners on key issues.

This country was built on the pillar of immigration but with illegal immigration exploding to a whopping 12 million, this is a hot button issue this election. Our first article will tackle which side of the fence each candidate is on with respect to immigration.


Clinton is for immigration reflecting American values. Strengthening the borders and preventing businesses from employing and exploiting undocumented workers are paramount. Among the actions that she championed are;
-the Legal Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act for funding for Medicaid to legal immigrant children and pregnant women 
-Access to employment and English Acquisition Act to meet the need for improving English language and other job skills
However, here’s what she said in 2006 when she first took a stand on the issue;
Republican efforts to criminalize undocumented workers and their support networks “Would literally criminalize the good Samaritan and probably Jesus himself”

Obama believes that the immigration system is broken and needs fixing. Not different from Clinton’s agenda, he also believes in securing the border, cracking down on undocumented labor and working with Mexico.

A little more decided and radical than the others;
Undocumented workers should have the same rights as American workers
No Driver’s Licenses to illegal immigrants
More technology at the border


NYC has often been called a sanctuary for illegals. But Giuliani believes that if we do not end illegal immigration we put legal immigration in jeopardy. BorderStat and Virtual fences will prevent the entry of illegals, but Giuliani is for allowing illegals’ kids to go to school to keep them off the streets. He is also for allowing immigrants to run for president as opposed to the current rule of just US born citizens being eligible.

Quote: “Send illegals home so all in the US can hold their head high”…
Huckabee is for importing farm workers from Mexico.
Catch & Detain those entering illegally
Does not support Amnesty
Like Edwards, opposes driver’s licenses to illegals.
Calls cities that provide sanctuary to illegals rougue cities.

Illegal immigrants should not get a tuition break in schools; amnesty should be rejected, sanctuary cities should be punished, enable employers to check the status of their workers.

The longtime unanswered million dollar question is, who needs to be pleased more; the staunchly anti illegal immigration conservatives or the growing Latino contingent…

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