Presidential Candidates' position on issues – Iraq

By Rohini Mohan 

War or peace? Bush certainly did not make it clearer with his statement “I just want you to know that when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace”.
Here’s what the candidates have to say about the war in Iraq…


Clinton’s agenda is to end the war immediately. Her 3-step plan is to bring troops home, work towards stability in Iraq and a diplomatic initiative to secure Iraq’s future. Her policy is non-interference, mediation and reconstruction funding and addressing the needs of Iraqi refugees while not losing sight of the fact that the war against the terrorists must go on.

Not different from Clinton in terms of approach. He spoke out against the war from Day 1. He propogates a phased removal of the troops and will urge a reconciliation among Iraqi leaders. No fairy tale, this.

“We need to end this war” is his stance. Stopping American interference and allowing the Iraqis to rule their country their way is his goal.


The original soldier in the fight against terror, Rudy wants an end to the war but only eventually. After an ‘Accountable Iraq’ has been built and a semblance of stability has been established is the time to withdraw from Iraq.

Is with President Bush on Iraq. He believes in setting milestones and securing Iraqi civilians and , get this, sending additional troops to accomplish this objective. “Success” he says, “Will require rapid deployment”

Staying in Iraq and focusing on winning the war against terror is his mantra. He will not make for the exit doors like the democrats.

McCain believes in building a capable Iraqi army to control the violence there so that Iraqis can see a tangible difference in their daily lives

Question is, is War the answer? And, is Iraq America’s responsibility?

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