Presidential Candidiates' position on issues – Economy & Taxes

By Rohini Mohan 

And now for the big question, is America heading for a recession? A rising job market crunch, galloping oil prices and the real estate market in doldrums marks the economy today.

Clinton advocates a CEO like approach and is calling for real action.
Establishing a $30 billion emergency housing crisis fund; providing $25Billion in emergency assistance for families to mitigate heating bills, providing a stimulus to green collar jobs for  a cleaner greener economy; broadening unemployment insurance and being ready to provide rebates to working families are all on her agenda.

Obama is for tax fairness for the middle class, helping low income workers and supporting small businesses. On an another note, he calls for strengthening International Trade Agreements and addressing the sub prime mortgage issue.

Edwards has strongly opposed the tax cuts to wealthy Americans. His call for aid to unemployed workers and to state and local governments short on cash as well as public investment in alternate energy come as no surprise.

Huckabee claims the IRS is on a “Going out of business sale”! He would like to completely eliminate ALL federal income & payroll taxes.  In his own words he supports fair tax and fair trade.

Says Romney; America faces economic challenges at home and abroad. We must improve America’s global competitiveness and unleash the American economy by rolling back tax rates across the board, eliminating taxes on middle class savings, making the Bush tax cuts permanent, lowering the corporate tax rate, making health care expenses tax deductible and eliminating the death tax once and for all.
McCain; Cut taxes for the middle class and keep taxes low in general, making it harder to raise taxes. Give tax cuts a fair chance bu budgetary reform. Reward saving, investment risk taking. Lower barriers to trade.

Who wants to be President anyway, with this looming crisis? In my mind they are all heroes for wanting to take on this cyclical beast.

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