If I were the President…

By Shreya Malik, Joint First Place Winner ( Grades 5th to 8th)

Signing bills to make them laws. Directing billions of dollars of budget. Representing the entire country in the world. Commanding the United States army. Bossing over employees who address you as “sir”.
-Whose job does this sound like to you?
This is the not-so-glamorous, yet most powerful position in the world–the President of the USA. Tiresome perhaps, but there is never a dull moment in the job of the President.
I want to be the next President of the United States of America.

A president needs to have the qualities of perseverance and boldness, which I firmly believe I have. This country needs a change in leadership to regain its numuro-uno superpower position in the world pecking order. As a collective nation, it needs to re-establish its priorities and return the American dream to the common man. The American dr eam to be economically stable and free; the dream to own a roof under one’s head; the one to innovate and lead in the technology and business sectors. My plan is to turn the American dream into reality for the masses so that everyone can enjoy freedom, dignity of life and live fearlessly in the world. These are my plans for the future of America, that is, if I get your support to be elected into the White house as the first female president:

Once I am in the Oval office, the first thing that I will do is get the troops out of Iraq. This “foreign” war is really killing the American dream and snatching the happiness of so many families, as hundreds of soldiers is killed every month. This war has killed more US soldiers than any other war in history and we are no more secure than we were when this war was started. There are also many war veterans who have returned from the battle zone either critically wounded, or with permanent physical damage to their bodies and now depend on others to help them perform simple day-to-day tasks. The psychological impacts of this war are even greater. The suicide rate amongst returning US soldiers is up 20% year over year. The financial situation of soldiers and war veterans is even more pathetic. Also, we just can’t keep spending money on firearms- this war is costing us more than $1 billion every day. This same money can be used on something more worth it, such as the education of children, improving the crumbling infrastructure or generating more jobs in America.

Another thing that I stand committed to is education. Kids are our future and education standards in America are abysmally low. I will empower the federal and state education boards to improve the quality of education for kids and make our children prepared for challenges of the next century.

I have noticed that many teenagers have graduated from high school without knowing basics. This would be stopped. I would like to make sure that the students at least score a passing grade, on the final exams before receiving a diploma. These uneducated children are the generation of tomorrow, who must make decisions. If we let them slack off now, who will be there to keep America going?

Another thing that I have noticed is that some schools are providing the students with old, tattered textbooks that do not provide children with the latest discoveries made by scientists. As the president, I will mandate that the textbooks in every school in the United States be upgraded and replaced every five years. I want to use some money on both educational and recreational purposes in a balanced manner. With what we pay to our teachers, I am ashamed. I would also want to increase the teachers’ salaries to help increase their devotion to teaching their students. I will push for greater technology adoption in the classroom curriculum through the use of laptops and software for each student of all public mi ddle, junior, and high schools.

I want to focus the attention of the country on environmental consciousness. Due to heavy reliance on imported fossil fuels, not only is the economy suffering, our environment is adversely getting impacted due to global warming. Each of us on this earth has a role in it and we can help minimize the situation by popularizing the 3 R’s: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. I would launch incentive programs for these as well as severe penalties for pollutants and illegal litter bugs throughout the country. Additionally, we have to regain and retain our lead in innovations and inventions by staying ahead of all. I will fund programs that will reduce use of oil or other fossil fuels and encourage the development of green technologies – for the home, office or the road. How great would it feel to drive a car running with nothing but water!! The world would be at our feet and I, as your president, would lead the way into the next century ahead.

Another factor that I will focus on right away is the economic condition of our country. The infamous Sub prime crisis, unprecedented foreclosures of homes, millions of people becoming homeless or facing bankruptcy is not something that I will sit idle with. Companies in vital industries facing risks of shutdown are not a sign of pride for a super power of USA’s stature. I will work with you all – my constituents and together we will revive this great nation’s sagging economy. We have to make a habit of reducing the trade gap, especially the imports with China, basically lower our debt and ultimately learn to spend less and be financially disciplined.

I will lead the nation’s way in practicing what I preach, ultimately getting us closer to the American dream.I realize that my plans for this country will remain only on paper or in these words unless someone acts on it. Yes-you. Unless you vote for me, the betterment of this country can not be guaranteed. Do vote for me, Shreya Malik as your next president!

Judges' comments:

Scott Herhold: Eloquent on the Iraq war, essay has a few grammatical errors. But fundamentally sound ideas,and much evidence of solid thinking.

Shana Dhillon: This essay was VERY well written! I like the way that it was formatted, as a speech or an ad of sorts, convincing the people to vote. The four ideas that were brought up, the war, education, environment and economy are the most important issues at hand with the US today and I like that this writer addressed all of these and gave sufficient evidence about why they are so important and need to be addressed by the next president.
Very good use of word limit.
Great statistics and warrants for your claims.

Vidya Pradhan: Well thought out essay touching on all the hot-button issues of the day in a clear and cogent manner. Well organized and good use of word limit. Needs to work on proof-reading essay.

Shreya Malik is a 7th grade student at Challenger School in Newark, California. Essay printed as is.

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5 thoughts on “If I were the President…

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  2. Bob the Builder

    this has many errors

    some sentences don’t make any logic sense

    huge revision should be considered

    keep up the work though


  3. shreya

    unfortunately shreya, you can’t be the next president. But I reaaly like your essy. You have the stuff in your head to be a president. Good Work!



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