Summer crafts for kids: Mixing Colors

By Rennu Dhillon

Craft/Experiment 1

Goal: To learn about primary and secondary colors.
Materials: food coloring (red, yellow, blue), corn syrup, 2 paper plates (not
the plastic plates but paper plates)
1. Mix each food color with the corn syrup so you have 3 colors – red,
yellow, blue in 3 separate dishes or bowls.
2. Take each plate and using a pencil divide the plate into 4 parts or
quarters – e.g. like an apple into 4 parts.
3. Using finger painting techniques you will spread the paint in each
fractional part.

Plate 1 – finger paint red into one part. Now mix red and blue and paint thisinto the other part and see what color you make. Now mix red and yellow
paint into the 3rd quarter. See what color you make. Now mix all 3 colors
into the 4th quarter and see what color you make.
Repeat the steps using blue and then yellow.
Look at the different colors you have created. To be really adventurous, take
some white paint and mix in to create different shades or tints of the same
color. Write down the colors you make.
Yellow + Blue = Green
Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Yellow = Orange

Craft/Experiment 2

Goal: Make a Color Wheel using primary and secondary colors
Materials: Paper plate, red, blue, yellow paints, brushes, water.
1. Take a paper plate and draw a circle about the size of the plate. Now
divide the circle into 12 sections or slices.
2. Color code each section as shown in the picture.
R- red
RO –red Orange
O- orange
OY – orange yellow
Y – yellow
YG-yellow green
BG – blue green
B- Blue
BV- blue violet
V- violet
VR – violet red
3. First paint the main primary colors into the sections – Red, Yellow
and Blue.
4. Then mix equal part of red and yellow into the RY section and see
what color you get? It should be orange. Take that new color and paint
it into the section labeled O.
5. Repeat the exercise with each color and color combination.
6. You will create a color wheel that you can dry and keep forever.
Bonus: Experiment mixing several colors and create your own shades
and tints.

Rennu Dhillon is the founder of Genius Kids Inc, “Never 2 Little 2 Learn”. Dhillon has a
BSc. in Pharmacy, DSc. Naturopathy. She has combined her education and experience to
develop an award winning curriculum at Genius Kids, a very hands on learning program
incorporating a full academic curriculum to include public speaking, drama, science, art
and cartoon art to children ages toddlers to K.

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