Obama picks Biden

And I pat myself( and Obama) on the back.

Biden for veep is not an exciting choice for progressive political junkies, but it is a logical one. Far from being a dreamy celebrity pinhead, as the GOP has been trying to characterize him, Obama is a cold-headed pragmatist who does not let the perfect get in the way of the good, as his recent policy position pivots have demonstrated. Joe Biden may have an unrivalled knowledge of the Middle East and a roadmap through the corridors of power in D.C., but what the pick really does is address the subliminal fears of rank and file Democrats who are thinking -” Well, I like Obama, but what if some racist crackpot decides to take matters into his own hands? Would we be left with a neophyte President at a time of national crisis?” They will breathe a little easier now.

The VeePee pick is also an indicator of how self-confident Barack Obama is. Just a casual glance at the last few election cycles will show you that running mates have typically been colorless and competent( remember Gore, Cheney?). To pick someone who is sure to make waves with his tendency to shoot off his mouth and has an ego the size of your own is not the sign of an insecure man. Expect fireworks over the next few weeks, even as the tightly disciplined message control team at camp Obama work overtime to do gaffe control.

Ooo the veep debates are going to be fun this year!

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