Mouthwatering India

Mmmm..tasty! ( Click on the image to see a larger, readable version.)

Some of the foods not belonging to my region( South India) are known to me because of the kindness of my friends or by traveling through India, like dal baati churma from Rajasthan or thalipeeth from Maharashtra. But I have never had bafauri from Chattisgarh and the north-eastern states are a complete mystery to me. Sitting here in Fremont, 7000 miles away from home, the chances of experimenting with the many delicacies that India has to offer seem more and more remote. What a pity, would have liked to try jhangora ki kheer and sael roti( don't the names just sound delicious?)

What are your favorite foods? Tell us why.


1 thought on “Mouthwatering India

  1. Geeta Padmanabhan

    Whoever made this should be thanked at every meal. What a job!
    And talk of the variety here! There is red-ant chutney! Has anyone tasted it?



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