Results of propositions on the ballot in California

Here are the results of the propositions on the ballot in California ( to get more details on the propositions, see here)-
Proposition 1 – High Speed Rail initiative and Bonds – Passed
Proposition 2 – Humane Treatment of Animals – Passed
Proposition 3 – Children’s Hospital Bonds – Passed
Proposition 4 – Parents/Adult should be notified about a teen’s pregnancy – Failed( mercifully!)
Proposition 5 – Non violent drug offenses to be given lenient treatment – Failed

Proposition 6 – Increase in funding for police – Failed
Proposition 7 – Forces utility companies to meet renewable energy standards – Failed.
Proposition 8 – Eliminates right of same-sex couples to marry – Appears to have passed. Opponents are still waiting for absentee ballots and provisional ballots to be counted before giving up. Ironically, on a day when we celebrate a civil rights triumph on the Presidential ballot, we take away a civil right granted to another minority. Very sad.
Proposition 9 – More rights for victims of crime – Passed
Proposition 10-Support for alternative energy vehicles and natural gas initiatives – Failed.
Proposition 11-Redistricting voting precincts to avoid gerrymandering – Appears to have narrowly passed.
Proposition 12-Easy loan access for veterans – Passed.

To see all the results from local elections, check out the Secretary of State’s website here.

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