Sound Experiments

By Rennu Dhillon

Craft 1

Goal: To develop your hearing senses and identify between sounds.
Materials: Plastic eggs (available at the Dollar Store), rice, dried beans,
popcorn, cereal, salt.
1. Take 3-5 plastic eggs.
2. Number each egg.
3. Fill each egg with different items e.g. Egg 1 – dried beans, Egg 2 – rice,
Egg 3 – cereal, Egg 4 – salt, Egg 5 – popcorn.
4. Now try and identify what is in each egg by shaking the egg and listening
to the sounds it makes.
5. Repeat the exercise with a friend and have them guess what is inside
each egg. Show them a list of items which they can guess from.
Additional Experiment: You can repeat the experiment using different amounts
of rice in different cups and listening to how the sounds differ depending on
the quantity of the item in the cup.
Explanation of what is happening:
Sound is made when the air around us is pushed and creates a sound wave. This
sound wave causes our eardrums to vibrate. Our brain can decide what sound
we just heard depending on how fast the ear drum vibrates or moves back and

Craft 2
Goal: Make a Kazoo or a Humming Flute
Materials: wax paper, cardboard tube ( from a left over kitchen towel or toilet
roll), tape or rubber band, pencil.
Procedure for a Kazoo:
1. Cut a small square of wax paper about 1 inch larger than the end of the
cardboard tube.
2. Wrap one side of the tube with the wax paper using a rubber band.
3. Poke a small hole near the covered end of the wax paper.
4. Decorate the tube with colors or stickers.
5. Now hum or sing a tune through the open end of the tube and feel how
the kazoo will vibrate depending on how loud your sound is.
6. Make different tunes by humming loud and soft into the tube and create
You can repeat the same exercise using a toilet roll to make a flute.
Procedure for a Humming Flute
1. Using a pencil, poke 3-4 holes in the cardboard roll about 1 inch apart.
Now repeat the steps 1-6 above.
Using these techniques, people have created music over the years. Music can
be made using different things such as cans, wires, cardboard tubes, craft
sticks and bells.

Rennu Dhillon is the founder of Genius Kids Inc, “Never 2 Little 2 Learn”.
Dhillon has a BSc. in Pharmacy, DSc. Naturopathy. She has combined her
education and experience to develop an award winning curriculum at Genius
Kids, a very hands on learning program incorporating a full academic
curriculum to include public speaking, drama, science, art and cartoon art to
children ages toddlers to K.

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