"The President is coming"

Reuters reports that a Bollywood movie called “The President is coming” is due to hit theaters Friday. The movie is set in 2006, when soon to be ex-President Bush made a visit to India.

Adapted from a play of the same name, “The President is coming” tells the fictional tale of six Indians vying for a chance to shake hands with the visiting head of state. According to Reuters, “shot in a mock documentary style, the English-language film depicts a series of farcical tests conducted in a room at the U.S. consulate to single out a young Indian worthy enough to meet Bush.”

From ThinkProgress, an exchange from the movie –
ACTOR: “You’re crazy, man. A narrow-minded chauvinist who hates people from different cultural backgrounds.”

ACTOR 2: “But that is just like Bush!”

The movie is directed by Kunaal Roy Kapur and stars Konkona Sen Sharma, among others. Here is the trailer –

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