On-air General Knowledge Quiz

question-markJust got off the air ( 90.1 F.M) after conducting a geography and general knowledge quiz in collaboration with Sri of It’s Diff radio.

Thanks to all who called in and pitted their brains and memory against our quiz questions. Hope you enjoyed the hour-long program. I had a blast both preparing it and conducting it and talking to all the people who called in. Mr. Subramaniam from North Carolina, you are the undisputed champ of the hour!

Folks, this was a teaser program for a future GK quiz that Sri and I are planning. It is still in the very early planning stage so we welcome all your ideas about the format for the quiz. As of now we are thinking of structuring this quiz for kids in the 5th to 8th grade, but if there’s a lot of interest among the grown-ups we could have a segment for them too. Let us know –

– What categories are appealing?

– Are you interested in participating?

– If your kids are interested, what is a good time of the year to hold the contest?

– Do you have a good venue you can recommend? We are operating this quiz on a non-profit basis, with any left over proceeds to go to a deserving charity so we need the cheapest place you can think of!

Do send me your ideas and feedback at Vidya (at) waternoice (dot) com or by commenting on this post.

Happy quizzing!

2 thoughts on “On-air General Knowledge Quiz

  1. Lakshmi

    Hi Vidya, That was a good show. I enjoyed it very much. My son, who is in 8th grade, listened to part of it on his way to school. He liked it too. Keep more such programs coming in different areas – science, math, geography, GK etc
    Thanks, Lakshmi


    1. Vidya Pradhan Post author

      Thanks Lakshmi! I like the idea of doing the quiz on various subjects. I will forward your comment to Sri and we’ll try and work something out.



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