Another one bites the dust

Overheard at the gym: “It’s all f****d up, man.”

Two companies we wrote about here are have succumbed to the recession. Internet entertainment provider GluTV discontinued service on March 14th. In the article I had wondered if Indian viewers were ready to pay for online television products. Apparently not.

Sez Who, a start-up that tried to create a rating and reputation system for social media sites, was acquired by JS-Kit earlier this month.  Sez Who’s idea was to offer a basic comment rating and review system for free and upgrades for a price, a Web 2.0 business model whose weaknesses have been exacerbated by the economic downturn.

It all boils down to this – How does one make money off the internet when everybody is used to getting information and services and (pirated) entertainment content  online for free.

We wish the brave entrepreneurs good luck in their future ventures.

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