A question for WNI subscribers (and other readers)

question-mark1Dear readers,

You may have noticed that we’ve been going back and forth on providing full feed vs. excerpts on our email and RSS feeds. One argument is that having excerpts makes it easier for people to see multiple posts when there are multiple posts. The other is that without a full feed there is really no reason to subscribe.

So here’s my question – Do you prefer full feeds? Let me know.

To my casual readers I ask another question – Is the lack of full feeds keeping you from subscribing? I know that there are many readers out there who visit WNI regularly to catch up on what’s happening in the Bay Area community but are not subscribers. What’s holding you back? One advantage of subscription, besides ensuring you don’t miss out on any of our articles, is that it gives strength to WNI’s voice when we try to take on issues that are important to the community.

Your participation is what makes WNI worthwhile. So keep reading, keep commenting and do subscribe. If some features of the site stop you from taking the step of subscribing, I would like to know.

1 thought on “A question for WNI subscribers (and other readers)

  1. meena

    As a regular reader of WNI, the email excerpts don’t add much value. I read most of my email on blackberry, and therefore, if you provided a full feed, I would be able to read the article in its entirety from my BB.



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