Another hat to wear


May-09Starting Monday, June 1st, I take over as editor of India Currents, the general interest magazine for Indians and Indo-philes based in California.  If you are a Bay Area resident, chances are you have come across the magazine sometime, perhaps at your neighborhood grocery store or community center.

India Currents, which began publishing in 1987, has a long and proud history in the community. Started mainly as an event calendar and classified ad publication, the magazine has steadily built a portfolio of high quality editorial content, featuring writers who have gone on to become published authors in their own right. While the content is not specifically local to the Bay Area, the varied subjects featured in the magazine are of enduring interest to diaspora. I hope to continue the proud editorial tradition of featuring an impeccable quality of writing that is also engaging and thought-provoking.

What of Water, No Ice, you may ask. Since WNI is much more hyper-local in nature, I do not anticipate a conflict of interest with my new responsibility. I have had the opportunity to work with some very talented writers at WNI and hope they will continue to support WNI with their work. I also hope to continue featuring local events, personalities and entrepreneurs.

Of course, none of this will be possible without your support, dear readers. I hope you will continue to bring to my attention topics that you think I should cover, both for India Currents and Water, No Ice and keep me on my toes with your astute comments.  Do follow me to India Currents and check out the excellent work its writers are doing as well..your feedback will be invaluable in making the magazine more sensitive to the needs of its readers.

In an age where digital media are replacing traditional print offerings, India Currents forms part of the bulwark of the printed word. Unlike the online experience, which has tended to become more and more narrowly focused, general interest magazines  like India Currents open your eyes to a variety of subjects, some that may not have directly come to your attention. I hope to keep doing more of the same and if you join me on this exciting adventure, I am sure we can build a quality product that we can continue to be proud of.

To readers and writers interested in being a part of India Currents, I can be reached at editor at indiacurrents dot com.

4 thoughts on “Another hat to wear

  1. Piyush

    Congrats Vidya!! You are doing great work and it is a testament to your hard work that you get to wear multiple hats. Hope the new one is rewarding as well as gives you an opportunity to cast a wider net to reach the diaspora and beyond . Keep up the good work!


  2. Charu

    Vidya – you are an exceptional person with excellent work ethics and skills – you will definitely fit the Managing Editor role of India Currents and I am sure that you will bring both the Bay Area Indians and the magazine lots of pride.



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