A digital revolution

twitterWhen mainstream news channels like CNN and BBC, previously the authoritative voices on international events, dropped the ball on the coverage of the Iranian elections, it was picked up by thousands of voices “tweeting” across the globe. For the last several hours, Twitter feeds have been the only way to get news out of Iran, news agencies having been kicked out by the government unceremoniously. The voices out of Iran have been poignant and heartbreaking and the voices outside have been unwavering in their support. And as the protesters in Iran keep their communication and connection  to the outside world open, they get the courage to continue their fight. They know the world is watching.

One wonders, what would Tiananmen have been like in the age of tweets?

Huffington Post has a compilation of Tweets on the Iran elections, constantly being refreshed. But you can probably find your own threads at Twitter.com.

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