Book review – Six Suspects


The corrupt politician

The manipulative bureaucrat

Swiss bank accounts

The well-connected guruji and his numero-astrology

The item bomb and the casting couch

Crazy movie fans

Film shooting in Switzerland

Rigged award ceremonies

The oppressed Andaman tribal

Police brutality and corruption

The Mumbai underworld

Drug deals gone bad

The honest cop and his inevitable transfer

The khadi-clad activist

The intrepid journalist

The Bhopal gas disaster

The earnest documentary maker

Call centers

Dynastic rule

Mail order bride scams

The North Indian wedding and its excesses

Pakistani terrorists

Hellfire missiles

Construction sites rife with corruption and hazard

Prayag, Sangam and naked sadhus

Rajasthani forts and Rajput honor

The dumb Texan (who spawns his own set of clichés)
27 Indian stereotypes

1 incredulous reader

6 suspects

Six Suspects has been optioned by British producer Paul Raphael’s Starfield Productions and BBC Films.

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