Giving Thanks

give-thanksLike millions of Americans, it has been a tough year for our family during this prolonged economic downturn. It has been particularly tough in the last couple of months due to family health issues ( hence the absence from blogging) so as I was musing over Thanksgiving traditions yesterday, this line from an old couplet by Kabir popped into my head;

Dukh mein sumiran sab karein, sukh mein kare na koi;

(Everybody remembers ( God) in bad times, none in the good.)

It’s not entirely apropos, but, to paraphrase, it is easy to give thanks when things are going your way and tougher when they’re not, so I am going to count my blessings now.:)

I am thankful for –

– the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Last year there were many doubters; this year the doubts seem to have further coalesced into outright hate and viciousness. But there is no doubt in my mind that the country is moving in the right direction, whether it be in the realm of climate change, health care, nuclear non-proliferation or the economy. Let’s all take a deep breath and pray for patience.

– the career change that allowed my husband to spend more time with our family.

– the financial strength we had that allowed the above-mentioned career change.

– my new job as the editor of India Currents magazine. After years as a stay-at-home mom it felt odd to be back at work and commuting but the last six months have also been the most enjoyable, productive and rewarding period of my life.

– the courage shown by my son in dealing with his unique special needs. It’s an ongoing struggle, but we have discovered a surprising strength in our relationships and in our capacity to persevere.

– my daughter’s quick recovery from the swine flu (!) Are the rest of us immune now? I hope so!

– my wonderful family and friends  (you know who you are), who held our hands and were there when we needed them, every single time.

– the small signs of economic recovery – the decline in jobless numbers, the stabilization of housing prices, and the renewed spirit of optimism in Silicon Valley.

– my upcoming trip to mouth is already watering at the thought of all the good food.

What are you thankful for?

Picture by Dave Parker under creative commons license.

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