Acting and Creative Writing Workshop for Tweens

teen workshopEmpowering Teens comes together at least once a month for fun and interactive workshops (for 8-13 year olds) where kids are in a safe, structured and nurturing environment and they can have some fun.  Each workshop is led by a professional.   We play games, and learn fun things like how to better interact with others, how to focus better and sometimes do some yoga even.

Act It Out, Write It Down: Imagine-Nation Workshop (8-13 yrs)
Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 3:00PM

A secret code flashes onto your iphone screen.
“Yes? ….Ok, I’m on it.”
Then you slip into the nearest empty elevator. You throw on your body suit, cape and mask before the elevator reaches the ground floor.
You dash outside, and fly off into the sky, toward the danger zone….
Are you a fan of Superman, Batman or the Incredibles?
Would you like to create stories with true-to-life good guys and bad guys?
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to play the hero or villain of your own story?
If Yes, then here’s your chance to be in the limelight!
Bring some props and join our workshop, where you’ll get to Act It Out and Create your Own Story!
Our workshop includes:
* an Act It Out warm-up game
* creative writing time
* time to read your stories out loud
* brain-boosting snacks
Please bring:
* a prop (hat, glasses, scarves, cape, etc.)
* a spiral-bound paper notebook/pencils & erasers
* your own bottle of water
* your enthusiasm & creativity
See the full event details, including location, at

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