Induz Dandiya For a Cause

Since the 1970s school art and music programs across the United States have been drastically cut and the recent downturn in the economy has once again forced the schools to make further cuts in the art and music curriculum.

Induz, a Bay Area non-profit, is collectively working towards addressing this problem. Induz provides free art education for orphan children in India and at 14 low-income schools across San Francisco Bay Area. Induz organizes regular  events in the Bay Area to raise funds for these projects.

The aim is to connect people and cultures through the magic of art. “Art is immensely important yet it seems to constantly take a backseat in today’s society” said Ray Mitra, founder of Induz. ”That needs to change. When people learn about the different forms of art from different cultures; when they are exposed to different communities and really see the beauty and benefit of what these cultures have to offer, lives change.”

Induz has organized a super exciting “Induz Dandiya” fundraiser evening on October 6th 2012 at Centerville Junior High School in Fremont, to raise funds for projects in both the United States and India. This “Dandiya” event is to celebrate the “Navratri”  (“Nav’=night and “ratri”=nights) festival of 9 nights where, as per the Hindu mythology is believed that “Maa Durga/Ambe” visits the earth  destroy the evil and bring peace, love and harmony to people on earth!

This fundraiser event will enable Induz to raise funds to reach out and offer the Apollo project to more low income schools in Bay Area, and also continue to support the Tulika project for the under privileged children in the orphanages in India. Please visit for more details on these projects.

Induz Dandiya Induz Dadiya was a sold out event last year, and this year features dandiya with a spectacular laser lights display! The very popular and well-known Bay Area artist, Dimple Patel and Troupe, will be the DJ for the Dandiya/Garba event.

“Dandiya” is a traditional folk dance of India from Gujarat state. It is played with 2 sticks and is very gracious and energetic dance, which has its own form of style and art to it. Ray Mitra said, “Art – all art, be it music, dance, painting or any other form – is a medium for bringing diverse cultures and communities together. That’s our vision. We see the point of connection as being Where Art Meets Heart. If we can accomplish that for our children then the world of their future will be a peaceful and happy place.”

Tickets for Induz Dandiya can be bought online from or by contacting Ray Mitra at (510) 875-5006 or Sanjay Saxena at (510) 449-8530. Ticket prices are $12 for Adults and $7 for children up to 10 years old. Children under 5 are free.

About Induz

Induz is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization driven by Silicon Valley professionals with a
passion to promote art and culture across the globe through its mission Where Art Meets Heart
(WAMH). WAMH aims to (1) Nurture artistic talents by exposing individuals to the world of art
and culture (2) Promote and encourage the awareness and aptitude toward art and culture in
children, in particular the underprivileged, by setting up programs through which they can
learn various forms of art, such as visual art, music, and dance (3) Use art as a medium to
bring diverse communities and cultures together and encourage volunteerism and active

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