Writing a Novel – Day 9

Dec 13 2012

The world seems have to survived the mini-apocalyptic trifecta of 12s and I seemed to have survived my writer’s block from yesterday. After I was unable to make progress on the novel, I lay on the bed next to the desk and the dog obligingly curled up next to me. Forced to focus on the book, I finally came up with a plan for today by the time my writing period ran out.

What I am beginning to realize is that I am not going to be able to proceed in the neat, chronological, logical order that I had planned in my notes. Today is going to be devoted to revising some of the earlier chapters so my story can move forward. This is disappointing, because I had my heart set on beginning Chapter 6, but the reason Chapter 6 was not flowing out yesterday was because of some inconsistencies in the previous chapters, and I have to fix that if I want the story to make sense.

Random aside: The angle of light on my keyboard reveals that there are some keys that haven’t been getting much use. Just for that, someday I am going to name a character in one of my books Qxzj (pronounced Coczee!).

More tomorrow.

If you have some tips to share or experiences of your own, please leave them here in the comments instead of FB so I can keep a record.

1 thought on “Writing a Novel – Day 9

  1. Jeanne Fredriksen

    “someday I am going to name a character in one of my books Qxzj (pronounced Coczee!).”
    I absolutely LOVE this. Do not lose it. You’ll either find a place for this character someday, or Qxzj will be your writer’s angel.

    Writing a novel is like living a life. The best-laid plans often take detours.



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