Writing a Novel – Day 14

Dec 20 2012

I’m embarrassed to say that I did not get a word written towards the book yesterday. Lots of errands and just a disinclination to write – I’m going to ascribe it to the grieving process 🙂

Today, instead of starting the first chapter, I plan to write a synopsis of the book. I’m thinking that putting my idea down in concrete terms will help me evaluate whether there is merit to it. Perhaps I should have done that from the get-go, but, what can I say, you write and learn.

1 thought on “Writing a Novel – Day 14

  1. Jeanne Fredriksen

    Absolutely: Write and learn. And you’ll also find a process of outlining that works for you. You may revise the outline a number of times as well during the course of transforming it into the story, so don’t despair. There is nothing that says “This Is The ONLY Way To Write A Novel” or “This Is The BEST Way To Write A Novel” anywhere that is meaningful to anyone but the writer herself.

    Keep moving forward!



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