Writing a Novel- Day 19

Snoopy typingWork on the book has been slow lately. I’m up to chapter 8, still in a good place to continue, just busy with a quiz show I’ve been hosting and some other household obligations. Tomorrow I plan to put in some serious time and get to the heart of the story.

Tried to get my daughter to read what I’ve written so far and give me a critique and she flatly refused. I wonder why? I guess she’s afraid of criticizing and hurting my feelings or having to lie about it! Admittedly those are not good choices but her perceived options don’t help my self-confidence!

I’m also toying with the ambitious idea of starting a story website where I will post a chapter a week of a new story that kids can subscribe to to access the content. Need a web designer who can come up with a snazzy looking website which can do the job. Anybody out there who can do a clean job at a reasonable price?


6 thoughts on “Writing a Novel- Day 19

  1. Gopi Godhwani

    Writing a Novel —- is a great idea. Readers will read it and will get excited like me, may be some of readers will just start and won’t finish, but idea is great. Wrting one page, few lines, or points in a day will help, at least start of novel is there. We can have a group of writers who meet/email every week or month to discuss the progress and give suggestions. Thanks Vidya.


  2. Ranju

    Love the idea of creating a story website. Brought to mind the “Amanda Bright@home” serialized by Ann Crittenden, that she updated based on feedback from her readers. I thought it was a great way to get engaged readers and I can tell you I was glued to the unfolding drama 🙂


    1. Vidya Pradhan Post author

      Ranju, I couldn’t find the site where the story was serialized..too much search junk has accumulated. Would you have a link?


  3. Suresh

    Do you intend to podcast your novel? As you may know, early podcasters who made it big include names such as J. C. Hutchins and Scott Sigler? Besides the well known fiction podcasts of the established magazines (for ex.: Newyorker’sFiction Podcast), podiobooks.com appears to be one of the popular websites for serialized audiobooks.

    I am sure Google can give you a lot more examples :). Good luck!



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