Writing a Novel – Day 21

Snoopy typingHurray! The writer’s block seems to be dealt with for the moment, with only a little shaming from the spousal unit. I knew it was a good idea to go public with my plan to write a book since now I have many well wishers asking every day how much progress I’ve made. I finished my next mini chapter and put a research question out to a friend about a problem to be solved in the next chapter. I think I’ll add him as a helpful character in my book.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but the book is a light mystery story whose plot I’m making up as I go along, so the chapters are as much a revelation to me as they are to my characters.

Does this breakthrough mean I am going to be efficient and finish up the book lickety-split? Naaah.

2 thoughts on “Writing a Novel – Day 21

  1. Basab

    “I think I’ll add him as a helpful character in my book.” That’s a gift only fiction writers can give. We non-fiction writers have long acknowledgement sections.


  2. Jeanne Fredriksen

    “A mystery? Oh, what a surprise,” she said knowingly.

    If you’re making it up as you go along, that’s great! Just make sure you pick through that manuscript on your revisions to make sure you do the mystery writer’s hardest work: make sure your sprinkling of clues is well-placed and that – aw, heck, gosh-oh-gee, but you know that!

    And since you’re focusing on a mystery, you might read any or all of Blue Balliett’s books. She’s very clever, and loves to tackle social issues or art.



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