The Water, No Ice Honor Roll


We are a community that prides itself on the intelligence, talent and drive of its members. Our kids consider B's to be F's and one lone extracurricular activity to be a sign of sheer laziness. We are fast-trackers, entrepreneurs, marathon runners, volunteers, activists and entertainers.

To celebrate our overarching need to overachieve, Water, No Ice would like to start a monthly honor roll. We'll feature the milestones and achievements of you, your family members, your kids(especially your kids!) and your friends by featuring them in a post with the details you send us. It could be an academic, sports, professional or personal accomplishment.

Use our feedback form and don't forget to include the following –

– The name

– Achievement

– Location and date 

-As many details as you would like.

We look forward to spreading the pride! 

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