Asha for Education – Work an Hour Campaign

Asha for educationAsha for Education (AFE) is an entirely volunteer-run non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about socio-economic change in India by improving access and quality of education.

AFE is conducting its biggest fundraising event of the year – the 13th annual Work an Hour campaign, popularly known as WAH.

Work An Hour, is AFE’s global online fundraising event. Every year thousands of donors from all over the world come together and contribute towards the empowerment of underprivileged children in India through education. Participants in the event work an hour towards this cause symbolically, by donating an hour’s worth of their salary or more to Asha for Education. Since the cost associated with running this entirely online campaign, outside the time and effort spent by our volunteers, is zero, they are able to route 100% of the funds raised to our supported projects.  Their low overheads, transparency and efficiency in monitoring their projects have enabled them to develop an extremely enthusiastic individual donor pool in the past.

WAH 2010, the 13th such campaign begins on July 15th 2010 and concludes on September 15th 2010. Last year the campaign raised close to $156,000, all of which was used towards improving the quality of education through different projects spanning India. These funds were used in improving study materials and build infrastructure, train teachers, and last but not the least, create a consciousness about health and hygiene in underprivileged communities.

By helping pioneer and support bold new initiatives in the field of education, AFE is making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children in India.

Charity Navigator, the premier independent evaluator of charities in the United States, has awarded Asha for Education with its highest rating this year and has named AFE in their “Top Ten Charities Worth Watching” and “Top Ten Slam Dunk Charities” list in the past. A lot of credit for getting here goes to AFE’s low overheads, efficiency in fund disbursement and donor privacy policy.

Asha for Education is requesting your support in educating potentially a few thousand more children. Visit last year’s WAH campaign website to learn more about the organization:

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