ICC's Teens For Others

icc teens for othersIndia Community Center’s Teens for Others (TFO) program gives high school students in the Bay Area the opportunity to come together and participate in different community service events.  The program was founded by local high school students to engage their peers in being active contributors for their community.  TFO will expose questions such as:

*       What have we done?
*       What do we want to do?
*       And how do we do it?

Teens for Others is designed to accommodate the schedules of  high school students by allowing participants to choose when to partake in various volunteer opportunities.  Once a month, TFO members will convene for a meeting and decide which projects to work on.  While creating a challenging program that requires time and effort, students will have the chance to meet new friends within the Bay Area community.

For more questions, email teens@indiacc.org

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